"Make No Little Plans"

Daniel Burnham, Depot Architect

1902 Richmond Train Depot
Empty 35 Years!
Saved by the Richmond Community!

Saving and preserving the Historic Richmond Depot is indeed “No Little Plan.” We pay honor to those who have worked so long and tirelessly to save the depot from the wrecking ball over the past thirty years. Without their “Vision” this iconic structure would be but another parking lot.

The Depot has become the “Symbol” of what makes Richmond such a great city. It represents the coming together of an Entire Community in uniting for a common cause. It truly is the PEOPLE of this Community that make this City such a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.

Future Generations will gaze up at this stately structure with its magnificent brick columns, ornate carvings and sunlit windows and marvel at the monumental task that we have set out to accomplish. We are not merely saving another historic building in Richmond, WE, as a community, are saving the very “Heart” of the Depot District!

This project is not one person’s dream, but the dream of the whole community at large. To save our historic past is a noble venture, for we cannot move forward without knowing where we are from. The saving of the depot is due to the leadership of Mayor Sally Hutton and her administration in bringing this community together and showing what can be done when we all work together for the common good.

For over 25 years our Furniture Store Motto has been “I’ll Save You Money!”
I would like to add to that phrase. I may save you money, but “WE ALL SAVED THE DEPOT”

Roger & Theresa Richert
Save The Depot , LLC